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Botanical gardens and arboreta play important roles in promoting environmental education, conservation of natural resources, and beautiful green spaces. Be sure to enjoy all they have to offer.  

UPDATE AFTER HURRICANE IRMA: “It could have been so much worse,” says Marie Selby Botanical Gardens executive director Jennifer Rominiecki. “All of the iconic trees that everyone loves are still OK—the banyans, the Moreton bay fig, the wedding oak, the bunya-bunya tree—and so are all of the collections—our rare plants, our preserved and spirits collections, our library books.” (FL)

Linda Ann Vorobik will be offering a weekend workshop in botanical illustration Oct. 21-22 at 9 a.m. at the Lopez Grange. Vorobik will also be offering a free lecture and show of work Saturday, Oc. 21, 7 p.m. at the grange. For more info, see www.VorobikBotanicalArt.com. (WA)

Experience Missouri Botanical Garden's Climatron® conservatory like never before as it blooms with larger-than-life fused glass works of art by Craig Mitchell Smith. All summer long, see colorful glass orchids, orange blossoms, dandelions and more flourishing amid the lush, tropical setting of the Climatron, then watch these stunning creations transform as they are illuminated for special night viewings every Thursday through Saturday evening. (MO)

The new Fresh For Kids program is designed to engage multiple generations in Heathcote Botanical Garden’s mission of education and the conservation of green space. These classes are the perfect opportunity for kids to have a creative experience in the garden. (FL)

The Atlanta Botanical Garden unveiled a new 1.5-acre addition called Skyline Garden, the company in a press release announced recently. Skyline Garden would not only offer the Garden's "best views" of the city but would also be visible from many of Midtown's green spaces, including neighboring Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Beltline, according to the announcement. (GA)

On the grounds of a 19th-century Danish sugar plantation which was first inhabited by pre-Columbian Indians, St. George Village Botanical Garden is St. Croix's only botanical garden is home to thousands of species of tropical plants. Old stone ruins are interspersed with the plants inside the garden's lush 16-acres. A rainforest walk and cactus garden are some of the attractions as well as a gift shop that sells interesting items.  (USVI)

From now to October, San Antonio Botanical Garden highlights the Garden’s winged friends, especially monarch butterflies and hummingbirds. These winged wonders find sustenance for their life cycle here at the Garden, sensitizing all of us to the importance of habitat for those who “co-habit” with us. The Botanical Garden plays a significant role as an Official Monarch Waystation. San Antonio is the only Monarch Butterfly Champion City, taking the National Wildlife Federation Pledge in 2015 to increase pollinator habitat. (TX)  

The Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden is a one-of-a-kind heritage location that was created to preserve some of the area’s most treasured gardens. The Garden is situated on approximately 10.5 acres adjacent to the North SeaTac Community Center. Included are two gardens that were physically moved to prevent their demolition during SeaTac Airport’s third runway project. You shouldn't miss visiting. (WA)

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